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The Company Autowelt GmbH - was founded in 1996. 

Head office Autowelt GmbH is located in Germany to the address: 97618 Niederlauer, Industrie Straße 1. We have our own recovery trucks for transportation of trucks, trailers and cars, mobile and stationary service stations or repair of trucks, buses and cars, qualified mechanics, lawyers, full-time communication operators. It allows providing for complex support of the foreign drivers of trucks and cars on the roads of Western Europe. The Company branch Autowelt R+T GmbH is located on the German-Polish border (autobahn 12 exit 7 between Frankfurt-Oder and Berlin) to the address: 15236 Jacobsdorf, Exspopark 15.
For 15 years Autowelt GmbH has been rendering a prompt help to the transportation carriers from different countries in cases of emergencies, breakdowns, or police detentions. Analysis of everyday requests from our customers about the help in complicated situations on the roads led to the idea of developing the program to provide for the complex support to the owners of non-commercial light vehicles. Principal and the most frequent calls dealt with by our operators cover the consultation issues or the requests about interpreting in communication with the police representatives, customs officials, residents. The requests about booking the hotels, searching for the closest service station, restaurant or shopping mall.
Today besides emergency technical services in case of emergencies and breakdowns Autowelt GmbH offers the complex servicing to the drivers travelling around Western Europe and companies dealing with the international cargo transportations, simple and convenient solution of your problems and issues on the roads of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland  – Awhelp24 cards.
The holders of Awhelp24 cards may count on the operative and qualified help in any situation. You just have to call and the specialists will deal with your problem. In case of emergency and breakdown our technical specialists will give you a hand. The operators-interpreters will provide for the full-fledged communication, will help to find the closest service stations, petrol station, hotel. Our lawyers will not leave you alone with the public officials, will defend your interests, will help you out of the toughest situations with the minimum expenses. Judging by the experience, in case of the timely call to the emergency help number, and engagement of lawyer into the negotiations with the traffic police representatives, in most cases, the vehicle was released from the arrest. 
With regard to the customers’ needs Autowelt offers mutually convenient cooperation form. The services are rendered on the basis of subscription fee. The cooperation beginning is considered the day of the first address. From that day the yearly services rendering starts. More details on the complex support service on the roads of Germany, Austria, Switzerland are available in the Customer Cards chapter.
Your problem is our work! 
Have a nice trip! You may rely upon us!