Support with police, customs and BAG truck control

Contact with the police and BAG

If your truck is found to have significant deficiencies, the police have the right to leave the documents for the truck and cancel the license plates. Trucks are often escorted to the nearest technical control station to compile a list of defects. When all defects are repaired you get back the license plates and original registration documents. So in this case the only possibility is to repair or to evacuate the faulty vehicle.

Truck transportation outside Germany:

In case the repair costs are too high, you have the option of moving the vehicle outside Germany. The police will send the documents complete with license plates to the authorities of your home-country. If you want to avoid that, the truck or trailer mus be repared in Germany. Nevertheless, we can help you arrange transportation for your faulty vehicle.

Towing of the vehicle to the next service station

Your truck was escorted or towed to the next service station by the police, but the service is too expensive for you? You have the choice to bring your truck to another service center. But you must consider the following:

  • It is not allowed to tow the vehicle for long distances, except of emergency cases
  • You will need a special low bed semitrailer for transport of your truck and machines
  • When transporting a trailer or semitrailer, the construction must be removed and disassembled
  • For loading of trucks and machinery you will possibly need a loading crane.

Choice of a Service point and repair work

We will help you choose a suitable service location in the truck's control area. There we agree on the repair costs and works and control the entire workflow from start to finish. Most German workshops are planning their work for at least one week and expect around € 100 per hour, so it is best to find a suitable service partner the first time.

What happens when you leave your vehicle or truck in Germany:

In case you leave your faulty vehicle in the private parking of a German company, they will charge you a "standing fees" of 20-€ to 100-€ euros per day. If you will not pick up the truck within a certain period of time, the vehicle will be auctioned to pay creditors the costs. Also the police will bring this case to court and your company, as well as the CEO will be hold accountable.

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