Towing and Recovery Service in Bottrop, as well as the surrounding highways A2, A42, A43 and A52:


You´re looking for a towing service in Bottrop or the roads in the wide, surrounding area near Coesfeld, Dinslaken, Haltern am See, Borken or Lünen? We get the job done as quickly, and as cost-effectively as possible.

We´ll get your car safely off the busy road, recover it with a crane if its stuck in a complicated position or tow it out of hard-to-reach parking houses. After 20 years of experience in the business, we´re prepared to deal with every kind of situation and always make sure, to get your vehicle to its destination. 

Bottrop is part of the "Ruhrgebiet", Germanys largest metropolitan area. Due to the large amount of traffic, accidents are not a rare sight here and towing services are constantly on the move. With our large partnernetwork however, we always make sure to get the tow truck to your location at any time of day. The international Team of AWHELP24 consists of many people fluent in Polish, Spanish, Russian, Lithuanian, Romanian, English and more, so you won´t have to worry about any communication problems. Call us and let us make you a towing offer! +49 9771 90 64 5 64