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Fast delivery of a tow truck at any time of the day, in any region of Germany.


Guaranteed low prices for car towing in Germany.


Our towing service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

For emergency towing,
call: +49 9771 90 64 5 64

The average waiting time for a tow truck is less than 60 minutes. Your safety and comfort are our top priority.

We can deliver your car to any address or workshop in Germany. More than 1000 tow trucks throughout Germany are ready to pick up your vehicle, truck or minibus at any time. Our operators speak your native language. You can be sure of the reliability and availability of our service at any time of the day and at any distance.

Your advantages:

  • We will help you find the right towing service in your area
  • We can arrange urgent repairs for your vehicle
  • We take care of the communication with the local companies, offer expert advice and help with the translation
  • We will give an estimation of the approximate repair costs
  • We select and find suitable spare parts
  • We can deliver the car to the port or abroad

If your car breaks down, stalls or has gotten into an accident - do not panic. Contact us immediately.

+49 9771 90 64 5 64


It doesn't matter in which region of Germany you are in, or if you´re on the autobahn, in the city or at a parking lot. We are ready to solve problems of any complexity, regardless of whether your car has gotten into an accident, left the highway or needs repairs right on site. We always stay in touch and make sure, that the tow truck arrives as soon as possible.

It's simple. Call us at +49 9771 90 64 5 64 or contact our operator through our website. We will discuss all the details in your native language and send help to you.
Provide the brand and model of the vehicle as well as the address and location, give us a brief description of the incident and let us know the towing destination - an address, a workshop or the next parking lot.
We guarantee a fast and economical towing service. You won't have to wait long, as the organization takes about 10-15 minutes and the average time to arrive does not exceed 30-60 minutes. AWHelp24 offers a strong partner network with more than a thousand tow trucks throughout Germany, which allows us to quickly provide assistance almost everywhere.
The price of calling a tow truck depends on several factors, such as the condition of the car, the type of breakdown, the complexity of the approach, whether the car is rollable, the make and carrying capacity of the car, the availability of a towing hook and the loading / unloading difficulty. Prices start at 100 € netto. All prices will be clarified with you in advance. No hidden costs.
Put on a reflective vest, turn on the hazard flasher and mark the location of the vehicle with a warning triangle to prevent it from being hit by other cars. Exit the vehicle and move behind the guardrail. Our tow truck will professionally and safely move your car to a safe location and the driver or owner of the vehicle can be brought along to the target destination.



Fast and efficient problem solving

Problem solving

The ability to flexibly solve problems of any complexity.


Fast checkout and a variety of payment options

Tow trucks

Variety of tow truck types

Emergency help

Emergency assistance


Capability of car transportation within and outside the city

Towing Network

A large network of towing services located at important transportation hubs so that we can provide assistance quickly


Affordable towing prices

We offer towing services for:

Special equipment
Specialty vehicles
Utility transport
Utility vehicles
Public transport
Public transportation

We have various types of modern tow trucks with or without lifting mechanisms, platforms, as well as hydraulic cranes and tractors.

You can call a tow truck right now by filling out the form on our website. Just enter your phone number and we will contact you. You can also call us directly at +49 9771 90 64 5 64, so we can dispatch our nearest tow truck soon. Quickly and inexpensively, we will provide help at the right location.

+49 9771 90 64 5 64


According to German law, the following mandatory items must be in the car:

Reflective vest: The driver is responsible for ensuring that each passenger has a reflective vest (fines from €150), which must be easily accessible to the driver and used in the event of an emergency stop on the side of the road or if it is necessary to leave the car directly on the road.
Warning triangle: Should an accident or breakdown occur, a warning triangle must be placed on the road in front of vehicle, to warn other drivers of the danger.
First Aid Kit: The vehicle must be equipped with a first aid kit that contains the necessary medical supplies in order to provide first aid in the event of an accident or injury.
Fire Extinguisher: Carrying a fire extinguisher in the vehicle is desirable. Especially during the warmer seasons, during which fires often occur on the road. When driving a truck however, the presence of a fire extinguisher is mandatory.
Winter tires and anti-slip devices: During the winter period from November 1st to April 15th, all cars must be equipped with winter tires. On some roads, in some regions, there is an additional need for snow chains.
Valid Technical Inspection papers, Registration Certificate, Drivers License: The driver must have a valid driver's license and the vehicle must pass regular technical inspections (TÜV) to be considered safe for traffic.

The presence of these items is a requirement of German law and their absence or misuse can lead to fines.



  • When overtaking cyclists in residential areas, a lateral distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained. Outside of residential areas, the minimum distance is 2 meters.
  • All passengers in the car must wear seat belts.
  • If you rent a car from friends or acquaintances, make sure that you have the appropriate insurance. The car itself must be always insured as well. Otherwise, a fine of 600€ alongside a traffic ban will be issued.
  • The usual speed limit in residential areas is 50 km/h. Attention: A yellow city sign marks these zones.
  • Autobahns usually have at least two lanes in each direction. While there is no legal speed limit, the recommended maximum speed is 130 km/h.
  • Stopping on the side of the motorway is only permitted in the event of an emergency or breakdown situation. The penalty for stopping without a valid reason begins at 55€.
  • If you find yourself in an emergency situation on the motorway and cannot make a phone call, you can call for help at special yellow emergency call columns posted at certain intervals.
  • During emergencies, always use the safety vests that must be kept in the vehicle.
  • If you need to rest, use designated parking lots. The entry and exit from the motorway is only allowed on marked areas.
  • Never walk on the motorway!


In the event of a vehicle malfunction, try to gradually reduce your speed and switch to the right lane.
Try to stop at a safe spot, as far away from traffic as possible. If possible, pull over to the side of the road.
Turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers of the danger.
Put on a reflective vest and get out of the car, keeping away from the road and traffic. All occupants of the vehicle must wear a reflective vest.
All passengers must exit the vehicle on its right side if possible and under no circumstance into the direction of the traffic. If you have a dog, be sure to put it on a leash.
Place a warning triangle far enough away from to vehicle, to warn other drivers of the obstruction.
Contact Awhelp24 at +49 9771 90 64 5 64, use one of the yellow emergency pillars to call emergency services or reach out to a different breakdown service.
When leaving the vehicle, close the doors. Don't try to repair your car on the autobahn.
Wait for help at a safe spot and don´t stray too far away from the vehicle, so that you remain visible to emergency services and other drivers.
Remember that you have to exercise extreme caution on the autobahn. Follow traffic signs and police directions if they are available.
If the breakdown occurred at night or during poor visibility conditions, use beacons or torches to increase your visibility.
If your vehicle has lost parts or cargo that are dangerous to traffic, be sure to call the police on 110. Do not try to remove objects from the road yourself.

We have various types of modern tow trucks with or without lifting mechanisms, platforms, as well as hydraulic cranes and tractors.