24/7 Towing Service / Recovery Service - Germany wide

Your car broke down and needs to be towed to a workshop as soon as possible without the need to spend a fortune?

No matter if your car broke down on the autobahn, federal highway, the city center or at a parking lot - We take care of it immediately. No membership or subscription needed.


Breakdowns are stressful. Whether you´re still calming down from an adrenaline rush on the side of a busy highway, or you´re in a foreign city in Germany and your engine won´t turn on, the questions are often the same: What now? How do I get out of this situation as cost effectively as possible? How do I communicate with German companies without knowing their language? - Don't worry, that´s what we´re here for.


We will bring the tow truck to you within the shortest possible time, at the lowest price possible. After more than 20 years of experience in the road assistance industry, we have expanded our partner network in every region of Germany and know not only who can take care of your case right now, but we also have an overview for the strongly fluctuating price / performance ratios of the individual companies. With our flexible approach we can make sure, that you save as much valuable time and money as the situation allows.



After successfully handling hundreds of towing requests every month, our well-coordinated team knows exactly how to get you out of any situation safely and stress-free. Whether the vehicle is on the hard shoulder of the motorway that needs to be cleared as quickly as possible, whether it can no longer roll after an accident or is stuck in a ditch and needs a recovery vehicle with a crane, we have already seen every situation and are prepared for everything. You can rely on our professional staff without worry.



Need a tow? It´s easy:


  • You call us and give us the informations about your location, vehicle, as well as the situation you are in and tell us the destination to which you want to be towed.
  • We will get back to you in the shortest possible time with an offer and an estimated time of arrival.
  • If you agree with the price, we´ll get started right away.



AWHELP 24 - Your reliable partner for breakdown assistance, towing service, and repair of your commercial vehicle.

It is easier than you expect !! Just call our hotline and convince yourself !!!