Mobile Service for Commercial Vehicles on the roads and highways of Germany and Europe.

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Mobile Service for Commercial Vehicles

According to statistics, small defects and damaged tires constitute the majority of breakdowns on the roads in Germany.

Even experienced drivers may encounter unforeseen situations that can cost time, nerves, and money. And not every problem can be solved on your own. In such cases, the best approach is to call a mechanic who provides professional on-site assistance.

We organize the repair of your vehicle on-site by dispatching a mobile team of mechanics directly to the breakdown location.

The Advantages
of a Mobile Service


towing costs

time for repairs

The Diagnosis

When is a diagnosis needed?

If the vehicle shows signs of malfunctions, such as strange noises, vibrations, engine issues, or other anomalies or if the vehicle monitoring system outputs error codes or indicators on the dashboard, it indicates problems with the vehicle.

Advantages of Diagnosis

A diagnosis helps to identify potential issues before they become serious. This allows taking measures to address them before they turn into bigger, more costly problems.

The Diagnosis

Emergency Mode
and AdBlue Errors

If the SCR or AdBlue system is not functioning properly, the emergency mode might be activated, and an error message will appear. This can have various causes, such as AdBlue deficiency, defects in the AdBlue dosing unit, issues with sensors, or other technical malfunctions.

In emergency mode, the vehicle may restrict the engine power and speed to prevent additional damage to the system and to minimize the environmental impact. In the case of AdBlue errors, it is recommended to contact a service center for diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Issues with
the electrical system

Issues with the electrical system in the vehicle can be caused by various factors and manifest in different ways.

Battery discharge, generator problems, defective fuses, starter issues, wiring faults, general electronic problems, sensor issues, etc.

The generator belt
has torn.

A torn generator belt is a serious issue, as the generator is responsible for charging the battery and providing electricity for various vehicle systems.

What to do if the generator belt is torn:

  1. Stop at a safe location: If the belt tears while driving, stop at a safe location to avoid potential accidents.
  2. Turn off the engine to prevent damage to other systems.

Leakage of coolant, oil,
fuel, air

Leaks of various fluids from the vehicle can pose serious problems that require immediate attention. Here's what you should know about potential leaks:

If you suspect leaks, it is recommended to consult professionals for an accurate diagnosis and the resolution of the issue. Leaks can cause serious vehicle damage, so it is crucial to address the problem as soon as possible.


If a wheel is blocked, and you´re unable to unlock it, you should call a mobile service or a towing service to get assistance.

If you have the ability to unlock the wheel and are confident that you can handle it yourself, that could be an option. However, if there are any doubts or the issues cannot be resolved completely, it's better to seek professional assistance.

Control units
and anti-theft devices

If issues arise with the control blocks and theft protection system of your vehicle, it can lead to serious technical problems.

Signs of issues with the control blocks:

  • The engine doesn't start or stalls;
  • Problems with the transmission;
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • Unstable engine performance;
  • Low vehicle performance;
Signs of issues with the theft protection system:
  • Starting difficulties;
  • Blinking theft protection indicator;
  • Engine blockage;

It is crucial to consult professionals at the first signs of issues with the control blocks or theft protection to avoid additional damages and ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Our experienced specialists are ready to offer solutions for various problems you may encounter on the road. We guarantee professional assistance and support in all situations.

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Repairs on the Parking Lot

Towing can often be avoided. We are happy to offer you professional truck repairs directly on the parking lot. Truck repairs on the parking lot with our mobile mechanics - convenient, fast, cost-effective!

Our Advantages:

We work with all types of commercial vehicles.

Regardless of the type of your truck, semi-trailer, or bus, our specialists have the experience and skills to perform professional tire changes and repairs that meet the requirements of your vehicle.

Our operators speak your native language.

We understand that communicating in your native language eliminates language barriers and creates a comfortable environment for discussing technical details and your requirements. This allows you to convey your needs more accurately, and for our specialists to ensure clear understanding and high-quality work.

We have over 1200 partners throughout Germany.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we can offer you a fast and convenient service for your tire change or repair, regardless of your location. This provides you with more flexibility and accessibility to our services in all regions of Germany.

We have over 20 years of experience in the field of tire mounting.

During this time, we have accumulated valuable experience and knowledge to provide professional and reliable services. We adhere to modern standards and utilize modern equipment to ensure the quality and safety in all performed tasks.

Which repairs can be done in the parking lot?

Repair options on the parking lot may be limited depending on local rules and laws, but some common repair works can be carried out with no issue. Here are some typical repairs that are generally possible:

repairs can be done in the parking lot
  • Clutch replacement
  • Turbo replacement (Attention: DAF)
  • Replacement of calipers, hubs, brake discs, brake pads
  • Replacement of starter, generator, batteries
  • Replacement of belts, rollers, water pump, viscous coupling
  • Replacement of tank, filters, fuel hoses
  • Steering repairs, hydraulic system repairs
  • Tire replacements, wheel replacements
  • Repair of the air system, replacement of valves, dryers, receivers, pneumatic air springs
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