Towing and Recovery Service in Regensburg, as well as the surrounding highways A93, A3, A13 and the federal roads B8, B15 & B16:


Your car needs to be towed in Regensburg or the roads near cities like BurglengfeldAbendsbergSchwandorfKelheim or Straubing? You´ve come to the right place!

Awhelp24 offers more than 20 years of experience in the towing business and after countless completed orders we´re prepared for every situation. We´ll tow your car safely off the busy highway, pull it out of hard-to-reach parking houses or recover it from difficult positions with the mobile crane with no issue.

Regensburg is a big city with a population of about 150.000. inhabitants, inculding 21.000. university students. Due to the limited budget of the average student, there are quite a few older car models around, which may be more prone to sudden defects or malfunctions. But with our strong network of business partners, we always make sure to get the tow truck to your location soon after your order, for the lowest price possible. Give us a call and we´ll make you a towing offer! +49 9771 90 64 5 64