Towing and Recovery Service in Würzburg, as well as the surrounding highways A7, A3, A81 and A70:


You´re in need of a towing service in Würzburg, or the wide surrounding area near places like Ochenfurt, Volkach, Karlstadt, Werneck or Kitzingen?

Awhelp24 offers more than 20 years of experience in the towing business and we are equipped to deal with all circumstances. Towing cars off the busy highway, pulling them out of a ditch with the mobile crane or getting them out of narrow parking lots are only part of what we can do. We work fast and for the lowest price possible.

Würzburg has been an important traffic hub for decades, so there are always a lot of travellers passing by. And with about 35.000. university students amongst its population of 125.000, there are plenty of cheaper, older cars around to fit their budget, which may be more prone to malfunctions. No matter where you are, with our strong network of business partners, we always get the tow truck to your location in time.

Don´t worry about any language barriers either, since Awhelp24 offers support in German, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Lithuanian, Romanian, English and more. Give us a call and we´ll make you a towing offer! +49 9771 90 64 5 64