One of the main components of a truck is the transmission. A functioning and well-adjusted gearbox makes it easier to drive a heavy truck. It is therefore very important to monitor the condition of the gearbox and to have the maintenance service carried out regularly.
When is it worth paying attention to gearbox problems? The gearbox must be repaired if it no longer functions properly. The following symptoms can indicate a defect:
- gear oil leaks;
- there are unusual noises in the gearbox;
- the gears are difficult to switch;
- The unit shuts off for no reason.
As a rule, the gearbox on freight vehicles must be repaired because the maintenance intervals are not complied with and/or due to improper use. Another reason can be the natural wear and tear. Most of the load rests on gears, shafts, sliding clutches, fork and synchronizer.
The repair process itself is quite complicated, so it has to be carried out by professionals. The repair procedure is divided into several stages:
- carry out diagnosis;
- remove the gearbox;
- disassemble the gearbox;
- create a list of defects;
- replace defective components;
- assemble the gearbox;
- install it back in the vehicle.
It takes a while to repair the gearbox, but every malfunction ist individual. It all depends on the defect, its specifics and its complexity. When we talk about modern cars, the transmission is a device with a complex multi-stage structure. Hand repair is therefore not possible. For the appropriate repair you need special tools and a hydraulic press. All of this is necessary to professionally disassemble and reassemble the device.
There are components with a hot shrink fit that have to be heated up during installation. As soon as the repair work is finished, an adjustment must be made. This phase is particularly important when seals, gears and bearings need to be replaced.
Usually the gearbox in trucks is repaired less frequently than the chassis or the engine. If you use the gear properly and care for it correctly, it is very wear-resistant. It is important to check the oil and oil level and to contact the professionals on time as soon as you identify a problem. Then there is a possibility that the transmission will last longer.

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