Commercial Truck Tire Service and Truck Tire Road Service Zwickau

Mobile Tire Service for Trucks and Trailers in Zwickau, the A4 and A72 motorways, as well as the B176, B184, B93, B92 federal roads and more:


You were on the road with your truck, trailer, bus or van in the wide area around Zwickau, or surrounding towns like Altenburg, Plauen, Weida, Aue-Bad Schlema or Stollberg, suddenly a tired popped and now you need to move on as soon as possible?

We will send the mobile tire service to you in the shortest possible time. However, if you can still drive a few more kilometers yourself, we will direct you to the nearest tire shop with the desired replacement tires in stock to serve you directly.

Although Zwickau, with a population of about 91,000, is not quite considered to be one of the big cities and delivery traffic here is not particularly exceptional in a Germany-wide comparison, truck tire punctures can occur anywhere. However, for our well-developed partner network in Zwickau and the entire surrounding area, this is not a problem for us after 20 years in the truck industry and the experience of hundreds of solved breakdown cases per month. We not only know how to get you back on the road in the fastest way possible, we also get it done in an affordable manner. Call us and see for yourself: +49 9771 633 05 80